Wednesday, May 14, 2014


A million things still on my to do list ....
Wishing I was still at the beach.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

things to do

russell & hazel lucite pencil holder 
russell and hazel pencil holder, Anthropologie
I never make New Year's resolutions.
But this year I signed up for Apartment Therapy: The January Cure.
I wrote down things to do in every room and crossed off about half of them.
Recently, I came across a 40 day challenge on white house black shutters, but I didn't commit.
Then I read that my friend Lori is doing her annual Manini Project.
I'm going to join her, start my spring cleaning, and finish my list!
Laundry Room
1. remove dryer door to clean out lint
2. clean out mail sorter
3. clean out craft drawers
4. clean out junk drawer
Family Room
5. leather lotion sofa
6. find/make art or wall hanging for empty wall space 

7. clean out pantry
8. clean cabinet under stove top
9. clean fridge & freezer
10. clean out cupboards
11. tighten screws on kitchen table
12. clean step stool
13. hang painting
14. reposition rug
15. go through the stack of papers/photos on the desk
2nd Bathroom
16. clean out cabinets
17. clean out drawers
18. buy new toilet seat

K's room
19. hang pictures
20. move drum kit
21. clean out closet
22. file papers
23. shred papers
24. photograph & list vintage blocks
25. make some jewelry
Master Bedroom
26. polish furniture
27. store winter clothes 
Master Bathroom
28. deep clean shower
29. buy some house plants
30. get family photos up to date
31. I'm sure I'll think of something

Anyone else starting spring cleaning?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

what girlfriends talk about - hair, recipes, shopping, and IRAs

"beauty will save the world" at davines, we believe
this is possible; and we believe that our vision of
sustainability can make it happen.

Garlicky Green Beans With Pine Nuts 
great for Thanksgiving

that purple bra!

So summer: Fred from Unabashedly Prep snapped this lifeguard stand in the Hamptons. #cultureclub #beach
Custodial Roth Contributory IRA
make your kid rich with a Roth IRA

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

bits of my weekend - spring cleaning


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